I’m sitting here letting my hair dry. It took me until 1:30 to get into the shower today. I told myself that after getting all clean I would just lay down for a few minutes to refresh myself… but no! I can’t even get me to listen to me the first time!

Juliet and Layla are on a baby brother kick. I mean, really, really… it’s not just praying for 4 brothers now. They’re talking about going out to the brother store next week to pick one up so they can help feed and play with and bring diapers to a new baby brother (who Julie still wants to name Maxim.) Julie prayed specifically the other night for God to put a baby brother into Mommy’s belly. Then Layla prayed verbatim. Awesome…

I just don’t know though. I really like having 2 kids. I like that they are close in age and I like that we’re kinda settled in our little family. I like that I can get the sleep I want and go out when I like (for the most part). But another baby… oooh babies are so sweet… and I would love to have a boy. And it would make the girls so happy. Well sometimes… then it would be “hold me like a baby!” and “Mommy where guess where I hid the baby!”
Oh well… must process and pray. And pray a lot more following that. I’m tired… I’ll probably just do my hair though instead of laying down. As I’ve been told many times before by some of my closest people, I’m just a glutton for punishment!

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  1. Auntie Danielle

    I have found that actually doing my hair gives me more energy than a nap-weird huh? And this coming from the queen of opportunistic napping!


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