It’s official! Winter has arrived! We have a lovely coating of snow and ice and it. is. cold!

As per my seasonal depression issues, so far, so good…. I’ve started on some herbs and vitamins, keeping myself busy, getting outside every day… Every day around 4:30-5:30, when the sun goes down, my mood goes low. It’s a bit eerie actually. I have been making a point to clear out the kitchen a bit that time of day. The girls are sent to their room to play, dogs are in the bedroom with their blankets for a nap… so I just concentrate on dinner, cleaning, whatever is there for that time that day. And that seems to be making a difference… I can turn on my music and just focus. It takes away the feeling of being out of control with everyone running around, barking, arguing as kids do, etc…


Juliet had her first snow day yesterday! Well, let me backtrack… Tuesday night Juliet came out from her shower with her PJs on backwards. She told us how her teacher said if you wear your jammies backwards it will snow! Layla was quite tickled and quickly turned her nighty around while I said happily, “I would love a snow day! Then you could stay home from school!” When Julie put 2 and 2 together and realized that large amounts of snow = schools closing, she turned those jammies back the right way!

So when I got the call early the next morning that schools were closed, Layla and I had a little happy moment over the victory of the backwards pajamas, I cringed at the thought of Juliet waking up in an hour or so. And I was right… she was mad. There were tears and pouts and crawling on the floor… drama, drama, drama…We didn’t bring up the bit about Layla’s jammies!

A couple hours later after some good TV watching, snowman making, tea and grilled sammies, Christmas movies and cookies she got over it and declared the day “awesome!”

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  1. jess

    I looove Layla’s ears.


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