Oh. My. Goodness…. it is SO quiet in the house. Both kids are here and awake. Both doggies are around. Everyone is doing something. No one is making mischief of one sort or another. Juliet is creating. Layla is playing games.  Spam is chillin’ with Layla. Temp is on her ottoman.

It’s rather bizarre. Very, very much appreciated! Especially since Craig is working late, late tonight… I am in awe now though.

And a little scared… Calm before the storm, much? What the heck is coming?!?! hehehe…

I taught the girls to sew tonight! I picked up some plastic embroidery sheets at JoAnn’s a few weeks ago and sat them down with some darning needles and yarn. Juliet has been asking for quite a while now for me to teach her how to sew.  She really just wants to operate the sewing machine and wasn’t too keen on having to work on some hand technique first. Both girls did quite well, but I will say that Layla quite naturally went forward and filled the whole outside of her sheet with neat little stitches. Then she made a heart shaped piece into a Christmas ornament with eyes, nose and a smile! I was so proud :o)


Presents are wrapped, cookies are baked (almost all :o) It’s time for me to stop the Christmas stuff for a few days and concentrate on Juliet’s birthday. We have always kept it low key, both of the girl’s birthday’s really. They pick dinner, there’s lots of cake or whatever they want to eat. Last year we were at Juliet’s cousin’s house for the night which was so much fun for her. This time of year though makes a party so hard between the holiday, sickies and weather! She’s trooper though and I’m looking forward to putting up some balloons and streamers in the midst of the holly and lights!

Last night I was having some (hormonal) guilt over it though. I would like to try to do something for her after the New Year. I shall have to think on this… The thing that was really wrenching my heart was that she hasn’t even really asked to do anything or have anyone. I suppose it’s good that she is satisfied in her loved ones… Mommas worry though :o)

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  1. Tiffany

    Ahhh, I hope the calm and quiet lasted for you. {wink} Jim has a deacon’s meeting tonight, so I am on my own. Fortunately, my kiddos are still young enough to be in bed by 7.
    How fun teaching your girls to sew! You are such a fun mommy!
    Yes - I made that rag quilt that you asked about on my blog - it was super easy!! I need to do another one this winter.


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