Motivation is hard to find today. Perhaps mine is on vacation? I have had plenty of sleep, Christmas is a week away, Julie’s birthday in three days, got lots done yesterday, but today… oh today I am all out of it and mopey and not functioning well.

Craig had a Christmas thing at work to get to today and while I’m happy he got to go have fun (and baby, if you’re reading, please don’t feel bad. I’m just processing :o) , I’m struggling a bit not to be jealous about being here at home without the car. The one car thing is becoming increasingly difficult to me. Hubby is working lots of odd hours and I’m working to maintain a sane head with my chemical imbalances. So the errands for today have to happen tomorrow morning thus squeezing my timing a bit here and there.

I’m thankful for store bought ice cream cake and pizza from Pizza Hut and premade cookie dough. Ok! back to the vacuum… and dishes! I think a walk in the cold sunshine is in order! And maybe I’ll get to go on vacation one of these days with my motivation… somewhere quiet :o)


4 hours later:

So to update- I found my motivation. House is much cleaner and smells good. Juliet is home and has thoroughly depleted my supply of bows and tags by wrapping misc items for people. And Layla made me feel like a million bucks my adorning my sweater with a shiny gold bow and telling me I’m the president of the house.

And I’m feeling thoroughly thankful for our warm house, piles of presents to give and my dear girls who have such big mushy, giving hearts. God is good and bigger than my issues :o)

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  1. Tiffany

    It sounds like you found your motivation! I hear you on the one car thing - ug. Although, most of the time I do like to be home. It’s just those times when I HAVE to go somewhere and get in a pinch. I have really been struggling with being blue this Christmas season. I have never dealt with that before. I think I have just let the stress get the best of me, and we are dealing with some pretty significant changes in our family right now. It’s all been a little too much when piled on top of each other. But this week, I am purposing to let God take captive my thoughts and to truly enjoy these last few moments leading up to Christmas.

    A big pot of Starbucks doesn’t hurt either!

    PS You were sitting only a few rows ahead of me in church yesterday, and I wanted to say “hi”, but never got the opportunity. You have such a sweet family! I was impressed with how your girls behaved. My Cadi was a wiggly, little monster! lol


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