Oh, you should have seen me in action tonight! The kitchen was in full swing! I sliced veggies so pretty, I prepped all my ingredients ahead of time, I had even run to the store so there was no last minute substitutions. There was boiling and sauteing, mashing and folding. Oh the menu:

Schezwan Noodles with Peanut Sauce with a side of Pork Wontons.

Ooooh yes, I was salivating too! Everything was timed so perfectly… the veg had a lovely crunch on them still and the dumpling filling was seasoned so nicely! And we all sat down together with our magazine worthy, steaming plates…

Ew. Turns out, I don’t like peanut sauce as much as I thought I would… and I’m really not nuts about wontons unless they’re in soup. Juliet was utterly wigged out by the way they moved and Layla preferred to eat ketchup off of her plate (I gave them an array of dipping sauces to choose from) than any pork, noodle or veg (and Layla really likes veg!) And Craig was so gracious, as he really did like the wontons… they just needed a good soup to go with them.

But you know what… I’m ok with this! I had such a good time cooking as the girls were occupied elsewhere… I got to just move about and be with my own cooking thought processes. I find chopping up vegetables so very zen and I made my wontons look like tortellinis :o)  So as I sit here with my cup of coffee pondering what I should eat to erase the aftertaste of the ick, I feel quite satisfied…

Now who’s going to do these dishes?

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  1. Tiffany

    Aww, I loved this, Theresa! I so love to cook, and I get very excited to try new dishes and recipes. They are not always a success, but the process is oh, so fun! Did you see Julie and Julia??? I LOVED it! (And I am a VERY picky movie critique!)

  2. Tiffany

    Oh, and if you have watched the movie and know at all what I am talking about - I am dieing to find Julia’s blog! (I’m such a nerd!)

  3. Jenn


  4. Denese

    Does Peanut sauce taste like peanut butter or something not quite so yummilicious?
    I’ve been trying to make my own peanut butter sauce for peanut butter chicken. All the sauce recipes I’ve tried are not the “right” ones yet, but there is something incredibly yummy about chicken marinated in a soy sauce/pineapple juice marinade, floured up and sauteed in oil and then dipped in a yummy, thin gravy peanut butter sauce. I may get a spoon of peanut butter right now! Bye—


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