So, lets talk about New Year resolutions. Actually, let me tell you how much I hate  New Year resolutions.

Ok, ok, I don’t hate the resolution itself. It’s good to decide to do something and then put your all into it. What I hate is the that awful feeling you get when you realized that by eating that entire coffee cake you have completely screwed up the week of diet and exercise you resolved to maintain. Or when in a fit of winter-blahs you cut off all the hair you resolved to grow out.

I’m a much bigger fan of to-do lists. Here is my New Year’s To-Do List!


Get down to 125 pounds. My body is clinging to it’s last 10 pounds of muffin-top like a fat girl to her last muffin! And we talked about my 5 pound weight gain over the holidays *shudder* This part of the resolu… I mean to-do list is going well. I have stopped eating late at night and upped my workout time by about 50%. I have already lost 3 pounds and I figure, I’m on this track already, I may as well keep going full swing! And of course if I reach my 125 I will continue to 120, but another thing I’m a big fan of is baby steps. Less overwhelming that way…

Learn to play guitar. My little bro (who works in a very nice music shop) caught onto my curiosity one day about the cost of a beginner acoustic guitar and surprised me with a beautiful refurbished Epiphone for Christmas. I can now play 4 chords :o)

Sew for etsy shop. I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things here. I think my trip to JoAnn’s in the next couple of weeks will get me back on my feet though. I need to make more bags so I can make more money so I can….

Get Red Balloon Photography running! I have a few weddings booked for the summer which I am very excited about. Things are coming together…  I would like them to come together a little more, but again… baby steps!

Plan vacation with hubby. I believe we have settled on a long weekend in Boston. Have  I mentioned that this will be our first weekend away in more than 2 years. Yeah, we need to work on this. We won’t go until sometime in April or May. Craig has a deadline that he will be working mondo hours on before then. And we’re trying to plan a family vacation, which is quite complicated and expensive. We would like to go somewhere far like Florida or Colorado or a cruise, but it’s not looking like that is financially feasible just yet. However an off season week in Lake George could be! But then we’re working around school schedules and it still being cool out and blah, blah, blah… eh! We’ll figure it out!

So there you go… my 2010 resoluuuu… I mean to-do’s! Now, who wants coffee cake?

3 comments to “My 2010 To-Do List, Not Resolutions.”

  1. Carolyn

    I loved reading this. And I love your thinking of resolutions more as “to dos” rather than absolutes, where once it’s broken, your goal is shot. I may try to adopt that way of thinking, especially after scarfing trail mix last night.
    Good luck vacation planning (for the fam and for you and the boy) - don’t get stressed out about it (stressing out planning for relaxation…crazy, huh?). We’re in the same boat — need to get away, but working out HOW exactly. I look forward to hearing all about your upcoming adventures! xoxo

  2. Tiffany

    Oh this was lovely! You are a beautiful person inside and out - good luck with you reso…err to-do list! I’m right there with you on the weight thing! {wink}

  3. Jessie

    Funny you say 120-125. I have the exact goal in mind. Since getting married I’ve gained too much of what you refer to as “happy weight” :-p and I was happy while enjoying the food and not realizing I was gaining so much.. At my work they are doing a weight loss challenge that I just joined. I’ve never stuck to diets so hopefully this one will, let me know how you’re doing too!


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