So it’s Friday…  I have made it through the week once again! I am still adapting to my new sleeping schedule. While I have been good about going to bed at 10 (with the exception of last night where I stayed up to watch Project Runway… from bed though!) I am not quite used to it yet and lay in bed for quite a while just resting or dozing. Hopefully by next week my head will be ready to sleep when my body is!

I have been functioning significantly better during the day too. Up until late afternoon… that part is still a struggle. Yesterday as we rushed out of the house for ballet, I lost my cool, got angry and yelled a bit of a fit which is something I hate, hate to do and I felt completely sick afterward. But forgiveness is sweet and my girls are quick(ish ;o) to dish it out and well, the dogs don’t seem to care a bit!

But now I’ve got an itch… and I get it every year around time. Usually it results in a haircut, but a my hair is already short-ish and I’m ready to grow it out a bit, I shall have to manifest it elsewhere. I’m thinking it’s a good time to paint the dining room. Perhaps some colorful curtains too. I see fabric in my future… uh, hey hubby…

Hubby is working from home today! He has been able to come home 5 or 5:30 every day this week which has been awesome! Granted he’s working from home after dinner, but still… he’s here and that is the best! But today, as he will be here all day, I must do my very best to remember that when Craig works from home, he is not working for me!

Oh AND (drumroll, please…) I got my act together and made myself a website as I felt very silly directing people to my flickr account constantly. Red Balloon Photography The music get annoying, but I couldn’t figure out how to delete a music track in the editing program, so feel free to silence it as soon as it get on your nerves. Overall though, I am very pleased.

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    pretty site!!


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