This is the weird workings of my sister in law to be.

Jenn came home around 1:30 to pick up Matt for work, as she does a couple times a week. I was in my room folding laundry so I heard her come in, and a few minutes later I thought, go out with Matt. Then all of a sudden Jenn comes bursting from the other room, franticly asking if Matt has left without her.

“Where is he?! Did he leave?! That boy just left me!”

Now, I’ve lived with Jenn for a bit, so while my first instinct was to run and check the driveway or any spots we might not see from the back door, I quickly switched to skeptical. After another 10 seconds of using her high school and college drama class lessons, Jenn gave it up and admitted to taking the rest of the afternoon off.

Turns out, that in order to procure a sufficient reaction from moi, she had even gone as far as to change back into her work pants and picked up her bag before running out of the room.

Jenn, you put far to much thought into these things. You’re completely crazy. I love you very much! Thanks for making me smile!

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  1. Denese

    Oh, yes, Jenn and Matt are the perfect match! A little scary for those of us who are easily drawn into drama…


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