Today was a really good day.

Generally my days are good, but today was busy and full of smiles and conversation and fun and giggles. As I sit here on my bed, typing away on the laptop, my whole body is more exhausted than it has been in a while, but in such wonderful ways.

My shoulders and upper back ache from snuggling and rocking the cutest little 2 month old girly. I forgot what a work out your muscles get when you’re not used to that little 12 pound bundle in your arms!

My feet hurt from my super cute black flats. I wore them with a spring dress and my black capri leggings and my trusty denim jacket. I felt cute and I worked it.

My knees and thighs hurt from driving 110 miles round trip today to visit my sista-mama. I am so thankful for the restoration that occurs in a momma’s heart when she can meet and relate with another momma. It helps you to feel strong again in your work and reminds you that there are other people walking the same walk you are day to day.

My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing with Jenn out around Norwich and back at home. We’ve decided that I’m the hat person, and she works the sunglasses. We also had some plush bunnies doing some er… well…. never mind…

My bladder hurts (sorry if this is too much information) as it often does after that awesome beer that I drank with my awesome homemade cheese steak sammie for dinner. I’m so thankful that I know how to cook and even more thankful when the food doesn’t burn. The combination of the sandwich and the beer was just an amazing meal to segway the weekend.

So now as my babies sleep heavy, and my hubby photomanips his little heart out, I sit and just enjoy the old school depressing music coming from the speakers and the stillness of our home. I’m thankful for the tiredness of my head, the fullness of my heart, and the contentment of my soul.

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  1. Noelle

    Thank u for such a happy blog!!!! perfect happiness for a miserable and off- to - a -bad - start Monday!!


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