It’s an awful thing to wake up tired. Last night’s sleep was fitful and full of weird dreams. I am a heavy sleeper so I almost never remember dreams, but these kept waking me up. So right now I’m just trying to forget them and the fogginess of my brain is starting to clear. A cup of tea always helps. But the TV went on a bit early today and I have so many piles of stuff to clean up. It’s all becoming less daunting, but I have a new Jane Austen book to read and I would like nothing more than to curl up in bed alone for the day and just read and sleep, get up to make more tea, then read some more.

But I have two little cuties in the next room who expect some action today! So I shall take a deep breath, rub my face one more time, get dressed and get to it.

Yikes, it’s windy out! Where are the tulips and daffy-dills?

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