Craig and I were watching TV the other night and there was a Suave commercial that said something along the lines of 9 out of 10 women admit that they have let themselves go, buy Suave products, blah blah blah… Anyways, I was semi-inspired, well no, not inspired, convicted? to make a bit more of an effort. I mean, I think I’m pretty good about being showered with hair my combed and a bit of make up before Craig gets home. But it’s winter (not technically but it snowed 2″ last night) and I really like sweat pants and ponytails. But I made a little more of an effort and actually did my hair a few times and put on lipstick and changed into a blouse.

Fast forward a couple weeks, I’ve gone back into the usual. I’m clean and tidy but I just don’t want to take an hour every day to do my hair and make up. Yesterday was hectic around the house, but I finally squeezed in some exercise for me around 3:00 and then followed up with a shower around 4:00. But even after I got out of the shower I was running around the house in my bathrobe doing some little things that were coming to mind so by the time I grabbed some clothes and the blowdrier, it was ten to five, and I knew Craig would be home soon!

Thermal henley, denim skirt with leggings, hair blowdried and down (starting to get some length again, which Craigy likes) and even some light make up all in 10 minutes! YES! Quick check in the mirror showed a cute, pretty picture. Good to go.

Into the kitchen to start some dinner. There was a draft coming in from the vent so I went and grabbed my red bootie slippers. Much better. More dinner making… Craigy comes home, the night proceeds with dinner, baths for the girls, bedtime stories and finally crashing. Somewhere in the middle of this I was cold and had grabbed my thick black sweater with the big wood buttons.

So after the kids are sleeping, Craig and I met up in the kitchen to look for a bedtime snack. I realized I was getting a once over but not in a good way, so I looked down and saw quite a frumpy outfit of a skirt, slippers and layers of sweater and thermal before me. I looked at Craig and said, “huh, quite a look I’ve got going on!”

He replied all in fun, “like a bag lady…” and then he realized all in a millisecond that he should have NOT said that!  I started to giggle pathetically and then tear up and I let out a rather forlorn, “ooooh maaaaan! you shouldn’t have said that!”

He hugged me, and then booked out of there so I could get a grip once more. It’s all good though. Craig has to be the most laid back hubby in the world. I never get any grief if the dishes aren’t done, or when the kids toys are all over the living room or if laundry stays in the laundry basket for a ridiculously long period of time. And he rarely ever comments on the way I look, positively or negatively. But I guess I should make an effort to avoid those bag lady moments. Hopefully now that it’s spring (technically) it won’t be so hard. I wish I had a stylist who came everyday. For free!

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