I found myself missing something today from very early in my childhood.

When I was 5, 6, 7, years old we used to attend the United Methodist Church in Fair Haven. Each Easter, well actually every Sunday, there would be a reading that the whole congregation would participate in. The reverend would read a line and the congregation would respond. Every Easter multiple times I would hear the reverend proclaim, “He has risen!” and all God’s people would respond with, “He has risen, indeed!” And just saying it, stating the fact aloud, resounding into the day, made it full of life.

I like that. It’s one thing to say, “Happy Easter,” or even as my father in law puts it so wonderfully, “Blessed Resurrection Day!” but to greet one another with the wonderful news of, “He is risen!!”…. THAT is where the joy and the wonder of the day become amazingly raw, real and true.

I might have to think about this.

BTW, HE’S NOT HERE! The One they killed; He is risen! Hallelujah! Jesus is Alive!

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