Jules.jpgLayla.jpgI often feel that two very distinct sides to my personality can be seen through my two girls.

Juliet, my oldest, is headstrong and emotional, controlling and takes comfort in routine. She is so extremely smart, gung ho for something new and hands on to try, and she can belt out showtunes like there’s no tomorrow.

Layla Beth, my littler girl, is in a word, quirky. I often see her as a little bohemian hippy chick with her long fluffy hair and love. She takes things as they come, and her little imagination is constantly running, even to the point of getting her into a bit of trouble. Slightly jumpy and fearful of loud noises, she keeps to quiet play. She loves her babies.
Today was we pulled out of the drive way for school 7 minutes late, my intense dislike of lateness was projected upon my eldest thus transfering to the youngest and poor Craig could only sit in the passenger seat and dread the future when he has 3 girls telling him exactly how late we are. But I think Layla will follow in Craig’s footsteps and just go when she is ready and it is my deepest hope that just as Craig has shown me how to not take the time so seriously, Juliet will catch on from a early age and she will escape pacing the floors for the time surrounding departure.

Layla has gotten on some sort of 2 year old kick lately. It’s as if she realizes that soon she will be 3 and that there are just so many things she hasn’t done yet as a 2 year old. My goodness! It is only 12:30, and already today I am quite frazzled with Layla, let alone Juliet…. but that’s another day…

We dropped Juliet off at school and continued over to Wal Mart to grab a couple items. I only had 3 things to get so I didn’t get a cart. Layla was very well behaved walking right by my side and holding my hand, but she was soon bored. She decided to hop. Then she decided to hop with her bunny friend, Franklin. Apparently, Layla has an imaginary friend! She held Franklin’s hand the whole time and they hopped all over Walmart together. They even looked at hats and buttons together and Franklin used the potty after Mommy and Layla were done. Layla helped Franklin wipe.
After WalMart we stopped by a friend’s house for a cup of tea until it was time to pick up Jules. It was fine, Layla played quietly, until the second time she had to use the potty, she snuck in without telling me. I thought she was still playing with some little toys in the nursery, but I found Layla, half naked, playing with the bath toys on the bathroom floor. Forget the pants and underwear, it’s playtime!

When we got home, I started to make some lunch and dealt with a few things with Juliet (high strung and emotional clothing issues!). When I came out of the bedroom from talking with Jules, Layla was in the bathroom (yes again! juicaholic!) and the back door was open about a foot. Hallie (dog) was in the backyard, but Tempy (other dog) who was previously hanging in the dining room, was no where to be seen. I yelled out the door for the dog, then back in the house for Layla, and then back out the door for the dog. Tempy is faithful to me and came bounding out from behind the truck and into the house. I proceeded to discipline Layla, for just yesterday we had some trouble with her opening the door without me knowing. Apparently the message wasn’t clear enough then….

Then I asked her, “Why did you open the door???”

She replied so frickin’ sweetly, “Tempy told me to.”

I couldn’t believe it. What the heck!? I just barely got out, “What do you mean Tempy told you to? You can hear her talk now??? ”


I’m sort of scared to proceed with the day. What will be tipped over or spilled today (no more, sugar, please God!) or what will she say to her sister to drive her up the wall? (The other day she called Juliet, “hopeless”… I have clue why! Neither of them knows what hopeless means… I don’t even remember that from her movies! It sure ticked off Julie though!) And why won’t the kids go and play? We have so many toys… but they just won’t play with them… instead they follow me around and talk to me and do weird things to each other.

Ok… I’m done… I think there are 2 velociraptors in the living room. I have to go break up the dino fight…

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  1. Noelle

    I love it. I hope I can have as much insight into mommyhood as you do!


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