Boxes…so many boxes… There was a good 3 hours this morning where I was completely locked into the dining room by piles of little girl clothes.

I’m making an attempt to clean up the shed and the girls’ closet. I cannot believe how much clothing we have accumulated over the past 6 years. And I know I’ve gotten rid of stuff before. But today was joyful and sad and cleansing all at the same time. Joyful to see all the little dresses and outfits and to associate them with all the wonderful events and pictures in my mind. Sad because they’re so much bigger now and those moments have just vanished. Cleansing because, well… I just feel so good after creating more closet space!

I think it’s interesting to think about how the snapshot of their closet changes as the years go by. The clothes get longer. The shoes get awesomer. The toys mature and the puzzles increase in difficulty. And one day I’ll look into that closet, that closet that I just can’t keep neat and is always busting open, and it will be empty. And that is a thought that makes me desperate to seize every minute with them.

This entry is part of a blog hop my pal Tiffany created! My blog was being fussy and wouldn’t translate the code,  so hop over to Tiff’s site to link to the other entries!  Should be fun to read some posts by other mommas too!

5 comments to “.Momentous Monday. Cleaning Out the Closet…”

  1. Rachel

    So true. Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. She’s the 3rd child of my seven, and yet I’ve been nostalgic thinking about how she’s growing up and all the things we’ll be packing away. So your post really spoke to me today.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ love this Momentous Monday. It’s such a great opportunity to meet new blogging friends!

  2. Linda

    Yes that day will come…so you are right in treasuring each moment and appreciate each little task you do for them.

    I need to clean my closet too. Maybe you have motivated me today! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Liz

    Ohhhh, you make me tear up. You’re so right. The thought of empty closets makes me so sad, but time is flying by so fast.

  4. Jessica

    Sad but so true. I will likely be facing the empty closet when school gets out. It goes so fast.

  5. Tiffany

    Oh T - this was absolutely perfect. Thank you for making such a mundane task a cherished moment. You inspired me! Thanks for linking up, my friend!


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