Today’s the day. The confirming step. The day I stick this in the jar and leave it up to God.

Today is Kindergarten registration day.

Perhaps I’m overly dramatic (my husband finds me most confusing :) but this is scary for me the control freak. It’s all good though… I know that she’s supposed to go to school and I know God cares for her even more than I do. He has even given me little messages here and there telling me that he’s even bigger than the public school system. It will all be fine. 6 months from now I will be rejoicing over how much my kids both love school, this, that and the other thing…

I was reading this morning in my David study about having humble confidence vs. low self esteem. Even if you have low self esteem and brush of a compliment, you’re still focused on yourself. But when you have true humility and confidence, then you are looking to God for everything… for your strength, for that next step, to guide each word and then when someone else sees it, you can boast about the wonderful power of God in your life. And this is a big sum up… perhaps I’ll expound later. But I’m turning those thoughts over in my head a bit too, in the midst of crazy life!

So yup… that’s where I’m at today.

2 comments to “K-Registration Day”

  1. Tiffany

    I will keep praying for you. You are written into my prayer journal! My week has been insane, but maybe we can get the girls together next week and have some tea. Maybe it will be warm enough for iced tea???!!

  2. Noelle

    Thank you for the comforting words T!!! I know it’s only a few short years before I”m registering Lil for kindergarden! and another gentle reminder to the fam and friends that God IS bigger than the public school system!


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