Oh Juliet… Julie, Julie, Julie. Your momma just doesn’t know what to do with you sometimes.

My beautiful 6 year old. She’s vibrant and animated and precocious. But Lordy, does she push me to my knees!

When I tell her she may not have another snack- she licks the food item to claim it for later.

Time to clean up her laundry- cries and pleads to be relieved.

Sister wants to know what she’s working on- Julie throws herself over her project and declares “NO! You can’t see it!”

Hugs and kisses at bed time- the kid licks me! ugh!

Desperately, desperately do I need God to help me with Juliet. Her energy and passion are hard for me to keep up with, and more than anything I don’t want to squash these wonderful traits in her, but allow them to develop in a way that is good in her life. I’m learning more and more how God uses people to be forces for his work and how He uses each individual character trait. This is how God made Juliet, and she is fearfully and wonderfully made… I’m just exhausted :o)

And eating the contents of the kitchen for that matter!


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2 comments to “Oh, Julie, Julie, Julie!”

  1. Mom

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or so I am told!
    I love you.

  2. Tiffany

    Awww. Praying you through. {grin}


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