Today I have come to a full stop. It snowed last night, and my Julie has a fever and my other parents (aka, inlaws) are coming to visit for the weekend. The past few days have been busy, busy as usual but I have been making a point to take time for me and exercise. But I think I may have been over doing it. Today my feet muscles are yelling and my sleeping schedule is all weirded. So today will be low impact aerobics and thats it!

I really hope I can lose a little more. I suck at dieting so I’m really hoping that extra exercise will compensate accordingly and shrink my hips an inch or two. My arms feel fabulous though! I guess my comfort is (in a very strange, chubby mommy sort of way) that I’m all around rolly poley. I always feel so bad for the poor women who are seemly fit all the way through until you see them from behind and those hips are just HUGE!

But again, I’M A BRIDESMAID! and I have the most beautiful strapless dress to look fabulous in. I never get to dress up and I love the dress, the cut and the color are so lovely, and I am secretly hoping for one of those moments with Craig. You know like it in all the romantic movies when the guy sees the girl all dressed up and suddenly he’s just struck.

Ok! Ok! So I need to come back to earth. But I have new shoes and I get to go tanning and have my hair done! It will just be a different, special day, and I will be dressed for it! But who am I kidding??? There is so much to do in the days before the wedding and I have two lovely little flower girls to get ready the morning of! I’ll be lucky if I remember to put on make up! ;oP

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  1. julie gendorn

    ok so i finally realized, after what 2 years now that i can leave comments by clicking the pull thing.. ok
    so i cant leavea spiffy comment now. motherly duties call, but i will!
    ps. Not liking Scully’s long locks for the movie..


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