Do you ever walk past the mirror and go “ACK!”

I did that this afternoon. Out of the corner of my eye I was shocked at what I saw… pale skin, wild whispies flying out my pony tail, crazy eyes…. oh yes, crazy…  and oh, what’s that? Yes, not one, but two pencils stuck in my ponytail. Bueller? Bueller?

But I’ll tell ya… I had that half psychotic look because my productivity level was through the roof today! I just wasn’t productive on the self maintenance apparently! But in the past two days I have cranked out 2 big bags, 2 little boxy bags and 2 sets of button hair ties for my Chic Meets Geek etsy shop which will be coming out of hibernation as of this evening!! Woot!

Seriously, if there was a book of the Bible about Theresa you would read about how the Spirit of the Lord Almighty descended upon Theresa and there flowed forth a steady stream of accessories. And the children rejoiced. Ok, perhaps this is a bit extreme… But seriously, this is very much a God thing. The motivation I finally felt was beyond my own power so I am so thankful that He gave me that gentle kick in the rear and got me moving! Will it continue? We shall see!

2 comments to “Crazy, Not Lazy!”

  1. Denese

    Yay for God motivation that literally lifts us up and gets us going! Checking out your store next : ) xoxo

  2. Tiffany

    Awesome!!! Your store looks so great!


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