braids4As my girls get older, my influence over their appearance grows less and less. And that’s ok. While when they were little it was super fun to dress them up as I chose, I really enjoy seeing their own individual personalities be expressed through their various ensembles. Layla is pinkalicious and princess. Little Miss Fluffy. Juliet leans more towards jeans and sparkly tshirt, with a bit of a rockin’ edge. Very practical and functional.

What is it about a little girl with braids? Braids areĀ  sweet and innocent, fresh and young. It gives you a clear view of their beautiful faces. I just love sitting and braiding the girls’ hair. Juliet is very specific about her hair and prefers to keep it cropped short and unmessed with. The only time braids are requested if the end resultĀ  is crazy, crimpy hair. But Layla, whose blond hair is long and fluffy asks for braids on a regular basis.


When I braid the kids hair, for me it’s more than a hairstyle or the finishing touch on an outfit. It’s an act of love. It’s a very special quiet time of sitting and brushing through their hair, singing little songs. When we’re done they run their hands over their heads, down to the end of the braid and they feel the woven hair and they tell people, “my mommy did it.”


So that is my “momentous moment” of the week. Braiding my daughter’s hair. So simple and basic and every day, but such a gift and a treasure to have those small, beautiful moments.

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6 comments to “.Momentous Monday. Braids”

  1. Tiffany

    Oh, Theresa, I couldn’t agree more. Those moments of styling Cadi’s hair - from the time she was an infant as she has always had tons - are so special. And braiding is such a delight. Thanks for sharing T - this was perfect!

  2. Jessica

    So precious! Those are the times you will remember when they are grown and gone.

  3. melissa

    i put my little girl’s hair up in pig tails. I feel the same as you- I can see her lovely face and I think often- she won’t always want to wear pig-tails. She will out-grow that style. But for now, while she will let me put her beautiful curls into pig-tails out of her face…I will.
    I love this!

  4. Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

    Thanks for the memories…I used to braid my 3 little girl’s hair too and I always enjoyed that time with them.

    I enjoyed the pictures, and the way you shared your feelings and those Momentous Moments.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Jenilee

    My girls are in the process of growing their hair out so we can braid it and put it in pigtails! I can’t wait for it to grow… although combing it without tears isn’t easy. :)

  6. Denese

    I used to love doing fun things with Jessie’s hair too. When the girls are here I also like to use your fun dos to inspire how I fix their hair. It’s such a fun thing and they’re great about it too! xoxo


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