A cup of sugar, a pour of water. A mixture of milk, vanilla and cornstarch set aside. As I started making Joy the Baker’s Caramel Pudding recipe for my dear ones this Sunday afternoon, I decided to not let the girls into the kitchen to help. The boiling sugar was just too dangerous to tempt fate with… my husband wisely recommended long sleeves for me.  Have I mentioned we are a cautious bunch?


As I brought the sugar up to a boil and set the timer for the designated 8 minutes it should take to reach dark amber brown, I marveled at the process. First lots of little bubbles, then they got bigger, and then they started making little glass shattering sounds as they got hotter and darker in color. Soon I saw that color, right as the timer sounded 8 minutes… but alas, I didn’t get that pan off the burner fast enough, for as I added the milk, the sugar didn’t “seize.” It crumbled… and smelled awful. A quick taste check revealed, it was burnt and the flavor was all through my custard mixture.



And I really thought for a moment, “is there something I can do to cover this up?” And no, the only answer was to scrap it and start again. And live and learn! I knew that I should turn that burner off and move the pan as soon as I saw that dark amber color. And it worked! The second batch had me even more on my toes, I was extra careful on all steps, and my double work paid off. The pudding came out just lovely, and my family’s yummy noises were the best reward of all…


So… my real reason for this post for Momentous Monday is something different. And perhaps it’s a bit strange that this is the parallel that I came up with, but I had the opportunity for a real moment of discipline with my firstborn last week. The back story is irrelevant, but it had been an ever building, disruptive force that I was failing to steer her away from. Again and again, I had failed to discipline her correctly and it came down to my own attitude, my own laziness, my own not wanting to take responsibility for my daughter’s actions.

But as I came to that moment, I was so thankful for the fresh start God gave me. My Heavenly Father helped me to just throw all previous methods out the window and really get down and start from the beginning. And then to go a step further, it turned into a really wonderful moment of love and sharing between me and my girl. And I know she felt it too, despite the bitterness of consequences.

So, I hope you see where I was going with the whole pudding story… it’s never too late to start over. No matter where in life you are… God always takes our burnt, broken bits. He cleans us up and allows us to try again and it is so very worth the extra work. With Him, the ending is very sweet.


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  2. Tiffany

    I really, really love this. I think your allegory is perfect. Maybe you have found your calling as a devotional writer? Eh??? {wink} Thanks for joining in T!!

  3. aunt danielle

    sniff…tear…thank you T~


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