Well, I don’t know what your child picks when they have a couple of dollars to spend in WalMart. Typically I would think a pack of gum or small car. Juliet picked a whoopie cushion.

Now, I’ll admit, I was the instigator. As we wandered the toy aisles contemplating a gift for Juliet to give Layla for her birthday, we passed the dollar rack of jacks and bouncy balls… and there they were. Those amazing contraptions known the world over for that classic, embarrassing sound- whoopie cushions!

So Julie picked one out and she was, oh, so happy as we walked the rest of our aisle. She paid with her own money and got her own change and receipt, which may have been even more exciting than the toy itself, but only by a small margin… When we got out the car Julie figured out how to blow it up with a straw and then when that first *PBBBBBBTTTTTHHHH* came out we shouted out laughing and clapping! It was great, again and again. We laughed when we picked up Daddy and then after getting Lil from ballet class, the little monkeys about DIED laughing in the backseat on the way home.

I had no idea such a “dumb toy” could bring so much joy and laughter! Of course I may live to see the day when I regret very much allowing this purchase, but it’s small and easily hidden :o)

So I highly recommend that if you are having a bad day for you to go out and buy a whoopie cushion. You probably have more than enough change floating around your car to finance a good laugh!

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