So I’m going to dye my hair again. It’s time… new phase of life, time to work the hair. So now it’s time to ponder the colors. I’ve done a number of different things in the past. When we lived in Jersey, my best momma friend was a hair dresses so she used to try all sorts of nifty stuff on me. By far my favorite one was a set of blonde and red highlights she did when my hair was long. It was a fun look that I might have to pursue again.

But right now, I’m drawn to red. Kari Byron from Mythbusters style. Jeannie always manages to talk me down to something slightly more subtle though, so I have to set my resolve if that’s the path I decide to go! But as I took care of some business this morning, I started to ponder my options…. red all over, red highlights, blonde highlights… maybe all over blonde?

Now, I’ve been blessed with coloring that will work with almost any hair color. Except platinum… I don’t think I could do that, and that’s ok. But there is something inside me that just won’t let me go to the Blonde Side of the force. It’s almost like a standard. Not that I have anything against blondes, especially if that’s the color God has given them. But I just can’t bring myself to that…. it’s like my head hits a wall when I consider it….

So I’ll stick with RED! We’ll see how that goes…. I may chicken out a bit…

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  1. Denese

    T, my mom must love reading your blog! She loved changing her hair color when she was young. I teased her that she was a rainbow head since she tried so many colors! Have tons of fun! And remember, one day your girls will probably want to do the same…do you think they’ll wait till they’re married?


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