Being a mommy is a traumatic rollercoaster of emotions.

One moment,  I’m so incredibly angry and frustrated at the kids. They just won’t listen or let me complete a thought or they’re being really loud in their rooms an hour after I’ve put them to bed.  Then after that I go to intense guilt because I feel so very relieved to have the blessing of such a break while they’re in Jersey next week, but I don’t feel it’s right that I’m so happy they’re going. Then the next moment I’m crying over the fact that they’re going to be gone all next week, and I just don’t know what I’ll do without them. Then the irrational fear that I’m just going to spend the whole week curled up in bed crying….

But it’s all ok. My hubby is of the nicest sort who tells me this is all completely normal and points out that I haven’t been alone in a house for almost FIVE years! Of course I’m going to be a tad disoriented. He’s even so sweet to think ahead and set up web cams for me and the girls.

But I’m planning my books and projects and places to eat out. And this whole next week will be busy in preparation and the hormones are gone for the month, so hopefully I will level out and just enjoy!

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