4:30 PM, 7.18.08

It’s always a strange sensation to me when you’re so very hot, it feels like your mascara is melting together into 3 thick lashes. And then when you get up and to check, it’s really not as hot as you thought it was, but then you swear off mascara until autumn arrives.

Ok, it’s strange when I’m so very hot… I don’t know why the dialog started out in the second person.

We’re out at the property in PA. As we are now truly in the country, not the civilized country where we normally live, there is no internet. I’m preparing myself for the worst for when Craig starts to go into email withdrawal, as it’s sure to happen soon. Me, I like it. Except I will have to postpone downloading Episode 3 of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. But I think I’ll survive. After all, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

But the girls are on cloud nine as they get to run free with Mema for the next 10 days, with Mommy overseeing the events for only another 3. As I was packing up the bags last night, it was fun to see exactly what little girls hold most dear. For Layla it was her little people, cars and tractors and for Julie, her red baseball cap, bunny ears, purse and blue dinosaurs. And Jules made it very clear to me not to forget her fancy panties. The ones with the hearts. That’s her way of dressing up. Miss Fancy Pants would be a good nick name for her. I might have to implement that on occasion.

I’m dealing better with our impending parting. I was a bit mopey as I packed up all their outfits and such for the upcoming week, but today, I’m just happy for the change of scenery with them. And I’m greatly looking forward to Monday, driving home with Craig and having conversations without the usual requests for snacks, new shows and, “are we there yet?”

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