Today I am amazed at how God not only cares for my every need, but He anticipates them and provides according to his perfect timing!

Its back to school time, and that means fall clothing is starting to show up at all the stores. Even though we’ll be homeschooling this year, of course my kids grow like weeds and will certainly need new clothes. Last summer I felt like I did a really good job with getting the most bang out of my buck, but for me summer clothes are always easier than the fall/winter wardrobe. There’s jeans and sweats, long sleeve shirts and sweaters and hoodies, dresses and leggings, socks and undershirts, fall and winter jackets, sneakers, boots… etc!!!

But probably the very day I started thinking about starting to gather some fall clothes for the girls, a bag of hand me downs shows up from my aunt filled with pants, jumpers and even a pair of pink mary janes. Everything is in such nice condition, not to mention there are some quirky little additions that my oh-so-particular Juliet will love. God is so good to put that little bug in Auntie’s ear weeks ahead of time so that I can get that bag exactly when that concerned thought enters my head.

My God shall supply all my needs,
According to his riches and glory,
He shall give his angels charge over me,
Jehovah Jirah cares for me!

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