I love photographs. Of course you knew that about me. But I do. I love how they freeze a moment in time. I love the emotions they bring up or back. I love how you can take time to truly soak in the memories and light of the moment when you look at a photo. And being this way, makes it so worried at times that I will forget precious moments with my girls. When it’s a moment involving a grandparent or Craig, I am always quick to jump behind the camera. But when it’s just me home with the girls, the only method of preservation I have is my own memory.

As I laid on my freshly made bed yesterday afternoon, Layla Beth scurried up from the other side and snuggled down on the throw pillows with her feet over my belly. She then hitched up her little sundress, rolled over and asked in her sweet little voice, “Mommy, will you scratch my back?” As I gently went up and down her back I felt her little body relax and her breathing slow. I loved her legs, her cute meaty little thighs and when I stopped the caressing she perked up for a moment, took my hand and made it clear she wanted more, without opening her eyes or saying a word. Her blond hair was whispy around her beautiful rosy cheeks, her skin cool from the fan above, her cute little tush popped up in the air in her little girl panties.

As I savored this precious, rare moment of peace with my daughter, I felt a moment of panic and I prayed, begging God not to let me forget it. I want to be able to tell her someday about how I felt so blessed and happy during those few minutes. When those moments of motherhood get so rough, I want to be able to call to memory the peaceful snuggles. No camera or photographer was at hand, so I suppose I’ll have to use my heart film. Lets hope it works.

Never forget how you felt at the moment. Remember how your heart jumped. Cherish the snapshot your mind pauses on for they reflect all the light and love in your heart.

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