Today I thoroughly enjoyed the fair. It brought back floods of memories from my childhood- the rides and snacks. When I was a kid, we would go to the Fair Haven Fireman’s Fair. Here I watched my aunt and older cousins go on the scariest rides and I couldn’t wait for the day I was old enough. My parents would know ever third person as both of them had grown up there. I would see my Sunday School teachers making snowcones and cotton candy and we would walk 3 blocks home after a ride a ride on the carousel.

Up, up, up on the ferris wheel.

Up, up, up on the ferris wheel.

I realized tonight that should we stay in Norwich for a few more years (which we hope to do at this point) it has the potential to become to our girls, what Fair Haven is to me. I think the things that made the fair so much fun this year wasn’t the awesome food or the fact that the girls and I enjoy many of the same rides now, but that I knew people. We visited our friends from church who are showing their beautiful Jersey cows (yes, I think their cows are very pretty!) and spent time sharing funnel cake and lemonade with them. As we walked through the midway and snack carts I periodically spotted familiar faces and could give a nod hello.


It was just a satisfying experience as a family, as a part of Norwich. More and more I feel at SO home here, which was something I wasn’t sure I would ever feel.

Yes, it's a giant disposable dog bowl of cheese fries. YUM.

Yes, it's a giant disposable dog bowl of cheese fries. YUM.

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  1. Tiffany

    Oh, I hope God has you and your lovely family here for a loooooooong time!!!

  2. Tiffany

    PS Glad to see your “pen” is moving again. I was worried! {wink}

  3. Denese

    What a fun day! And how wonderful to have those special memories and want to give your girls the same… Community, it’s a wonderful thing : ) So glad you guys had such a lovely time, it looks like the girls did too!!! xoxo


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