I started praying something weird a few months back, but I felt it to be necessary. I started praying for God to help me to like people. For Him to soften my heart towards them and to value them for who they are right now in their lives. To help me see past the outer circumstances and to really love.

I am utterly ashamed that up until now my adult life has not been one of caring for people, but of selective association and maintaining a proper exterior and investing into only what I thought would yield a good return.

But I really do think God is changing my heart here. Slowly, baby steps, and He is so, so patient with me. But more and more, I find myself getting interested in people, in their lives and their needs. How can I love them or better yet, how can I be Jesus to them? What if I’m the only one who ever will?

God changes hearts- he is opening mine to the people He loves so fiercely. Will you let him change yours?

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