Oh dear ones…I do, I do apologize for my extreme lack of bloggage lately. (And for the drama in that first sentence.)

Have you ever been there? Right in the moment? Keenly aware of the now and not wanting to miss it? I am THERE. This summer, specifically August, I have just felt there with the kids. No, not all sunshine and roses- they are getting on my nerves on a fairly regular basis, but as the school year approaches and the page is turned to this new chapter in our lives, I don’t want to miss the conclusion of this chapter.

So much of their early years I fear that I missed because I was so frustrated with the stage they were at. I longed for them to be older, when they would stop a certain habit or I would set my sights for when they would be able to sleep through the night. Oh the precious time that has escaped me. Perhaps it was because I was a young and immature baby having babies and maybe my struggles with various stages of depression has played a part… I’m not looking for excuses.

But that is why there has been no blog, because I’m just there. Nothing truly monumental to write down- just beautiful day to day existence.

I am getting excited though! Finally! I’m so excited for the girl’s new experiences and I am excited for mine! I want to create a warm home for the girls and Craig to come home to- I want to be disciplined and to learn so that my dear ones will be blessed by it! I want to do all I can with what I am given for His glory.

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