Ok, I’m up, I’m up… I was up at 7AM today. 6:10 here I come- gradually. Oh and on a side note, don’t bother trying to make cream of wheat overnight in the crockpot.

The girls are SO ready for school though. So much so that they have taken to waving their hands for every question they want to ask me. Silly monkeys. I can’t wait to show you their first day of school outfits. Ooh but I can show you the rockin’ leg warmers compliments of Grammy!


“Mom, did you have legwarmers when you were a kid?!… No? Oh that’s sad…”

Yes, Juliet, yes it is sad.


So now I have been awake for an hour and I am still struggling to keep my eyes open. I guess this is proof that I either enjoyed summer to its fullest or I am an extreme lazy bum. I think I’ll stick with the former. The kids, however, are SO loud and laughing… how do they do it?!

I ordered super cute cupcake wrappers from Cupcake Social on Etsy. Time to jazz up the healthy muffins. Thank you, Joy the Baker.

Ok… need more coffee… oh and to show you Julie’s awesome Star Wars skirt.And the lunch she made me while I was sewing it. Sweetie Petey.

skirt oohlala-1266-copy

Stupid flies won’t leave me alone… buzz off!

Ok. Now coffee…. Jeez this post is all over the place.

2 comments to “I’m Up…”

  1. Denese

    Adorable skirt, T! <3 I’m getting the sewing bug too!

  2. Carolyn

    Oh my gosh. I want a skirt just like that. That is AWESOME!!! And Julie is definitely rocking it!


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