Today I’m thinking about hubby. My hubsy. Craigy. The hubster… he loves his nicknames *wink*

He has to be the most patient man I know. I am SO thankful that he is my husband. Sometimes I feel like I’m going nutty when I know he’s thinking over something, but can I tell you? I am never more blessed than when I deter to his judgment. When I slow myself and wait for him to decide what is best. He is so smart and I learn so much from him and he takes amazing care of me.

AND tonight he went back through the McD’s (disclaimer: first time in a LONG time) to get my correct order for me. Because it was just wrong and it meant so much to me that he would go back around the block and wait in line again to order me the correct burger. That’s love for you.

We areĀ  coming up on 9 years of marriage pretty soon. Holy cow, that is a long time! You know what else is cool? I know our little monkeys are just soaking everything in. I know how precious the interaction between Daughter&Daddy and Mommy&Daddy are to their little hearts. I know they have a wonderful example to follow when they look for their own husbands one day.

3 comments to “My Hubby is the Best.”

  1. Denese

    Awwwwww, T, you’re making me cry <3

  2. Carolyn Graham

    9 years!? Congratulations! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago! Your girls truly have wonderful examples in both of you.

  3. Noelle

    wow that went by fast! and I totally love this blog, cause Craig reminds me so much of Tom sometimes with his patience.


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