As my hubby and I approach new years (26 for Craig, 25 for me) I’m trying to figure out why my skin is breaking out like I’m 14.

Diet changes? No. New Soap? Nopers. More exercise? Same routine for the past few months now.

Stress??? Ooooh that must be it.

It’s truly the only thing that I can deduce. Life has just gotten so busy and my head has been Spinning with a capital S. And now my skin is feeling the brunt of it. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve whipped out the concealor. I hate concealor.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m ok with this. It’s a little frustrating, but it’s not something that’s embarrassing me or causing me to worry about what people are thinking. Slowly but surely, I’m getting past that. I had the opportunity to watch some Patsy Clairmont clips at the Mom’s group on Wednesday night. That woman is amazing. Her comedic sense is so relatable and wise at the same time.

Long story short, as I can’t find any clips on the internet to link you to, she spoke a lot about being a woman of character, and having that being the base of your reputation. And I love that. Meeting new people always forces me to deal with my insecurities of what people think or a preoccupation with my appearance. I’m ready to just let that go, but it’s easier said than done. One of my greatest desires is for me to be set aside and for the fruit of His Spirit to be what people see in me. Sounds funny, but my little pre-teen breakout jut might have been that dose of humility I needed to alter my perspective.

One of the quotes I managed to scribble down between laughing was, “We need to get out eyes off what we’re not and see who He is.” Because there is the true strenght and substance. There is the woman I want to be.

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