Scoop and toss. Scoop and toss. Aching shoulders, tightening neck. Scoop and toss.

6 inches of snow and another foot predicted for the next day led me outside to clear the driveway and walkways around our home. The hills of snow around our driveway are around 4 feet high from all the snow shovelings piling up over the past month. As the town maintenance man cleans around town hall with the snowblower I begin bargaining with God for one of my own.


“I will never grumble about snow again if you send me a snowblower… well that sounds really difficult… so, Ok God, you created the heavens and the earth, you could have one delivered RIGHT NOW. Show me your power! Ok, that’s just rude of me… ”

And right at that moment a snowplow decided to run right by our house piling up an extra foot of hardpacked snow at the already shoveled end of my driveway and sidewalk. Grrrr…

Deep breath. A whisper in my heart. “Thank Me for this moment.”

The simple answer I had been reading about in that book. What I have been talking with friends and family about. Inviting the Glorious into the mundane. Being present. Thankful. Each second is a gift from above. Dare I?


Deep breath. Scoop and toss.

Thank you God for the snow.

Scoop and toss. Thank you God for my healthy body and the nutrients that allow my muscles to do this work.

Scoop and toss. Thank you for children to clear a path for.

Scoop and toss. Thank you for winter and books and fireplaces.

And as I finished and felt my heart pump and my mind relax, I knew what I had to do. I waded into the 4 foot snow drift and layed down. The snow formed to fit my body and iced my aching muscles. The snow flakes landed sporadically on my flushed face. I breathed deep and the crisp air filled my lungs and and let it go with an audible sigh of relief.

That is what life is about. That moment. Alive. Fulfilled by His Spirit. Loved.

And then I hear a truck coming down the road so I scurry out of my bank lest I be mistaken for a damsel in distress *wink*


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  1. Mom

    YOu can’t see it, but I am grinning from ear to ear…and my heart if full of joy and love for you.
    God is sooo good.


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