Today was a great day. A snow day! A snow day we were informed of the night before. I love that.

When there is the possibility of a snow day, I sleep awful the night before. I am constantly waking up, wondering if I missed the early morning phone call. But this was great.

We started out with a big breakfast of eggs and grits. Then, in a successful attempt to postpone heading out into the snow, I got out all of  my stamps. Have I mention that I used to collect rubber stamps? I have a lot. And the girls were in heaven as we made some very special, customized Valentines. I am rather proud of this “new baby” card for a relative *grin*


So around 10 we trekked into the arctic, which really wasn’t so bad. I shoveled. A lot. And broke paths for Layla and Spam… poor shorties! The girls did this


while I did this


And then by noon we were back in the house for cocoa and grilled sammiches and Gilligan’s Island. The girls then played (forts, dress up and parties, oh my!) while I chilled and while I chilled  my back tightened up like whoa. But that is getting better with showers, meds and hubby!

So to summarize my ramblings. It was a great day. While each morning of putting the girls on the bus leaves an empty space in my heart, I do get on with my day and enjoy my time to do things the way I like. Snowdays are truly a gift and we make the most of them. I am thankful for where God has put us as a family and will continue to write these moments down so I don’t forget a one of them!

Also, I’d like to add in memorial- I hate kids. Happy Birthday, Miss Juanita! Hope you’re eating key lime pie or cream cheese with hot pepper jam with Jesus today!

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