I am 99% sure that the coffee I drank this evening was decaf, so when I say that I am feeling insanely joyful right now, I think it’s legit.

No, I’m not going on vacation… or having a baby… or picking out a new lens… or going super cute vintage clothes shopping…

Nothing like that! Tonight I saw women get together and lavish love on a new mom. I saw her needs met as she was supplied with a mountain of diapers and wipes and onsies. I saw her boy gushed over and her soul taught. To be surrounded by such love, to see women who love God and love each other desire to bless a young couple to that magnitude was exhilarating.

I cannot stop rejoicing that God has brought me to such a beautiful community of people. I am so thankful for how very human everyone is and at the same time, how full of the love of the Spirit they are.

HOW do I pull more people in? What do I say to other to get them to understand what they are missing? That being a Christian, being a part of the family of God is so much more than a new religious experience. To bear weaknesses, to embrace them even, to grow and be supported, surrounded by brothers and sisters…

It is good.

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  1. Tiffany

    That is awesome! And bleck I missed it. I cannot keep my days straight and thought the shower was tonight. I am so glad that others remembered, though.

    Community is a good, good thing….


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