I know I haven’t written much lately, but as I was just remarking to a friend early today, “someday we will look back and say these were great days. We need to write this stuff down to remember.”

And so today I write…

Summer vacation brings out a hectic relaxation in our family. I love it. The girls and I are always busy, but never rushed. Slightly impulsive. We revel in this casual luxury. Today was we hopped out the door for a trip to town it all burst when the door clicked shut behind us…

“Oh no… the keys! Oh NO! My phone!”

My Juliet projected verbally and physically the stress I felt in my chest as I realized that none of the neighbors were home and I had done an excellent job of locking all the windows and doors.  We walked around the corner to the post office where a substitute mail maiden hesitantly lent us the phone and told us about excellent methods of hiding keys around your home. Craig was an hour away for work and would not be coming home any time soon. After trying a couple of numbers I decided to head back to the house and wait for a neighbor to come home from work and see who else I could get on the phone without being under the suspicious eye of the mail lady.

As we walked home, I calmed my girls. I told them this is just an adventure, everything will be just fine and that I wasn’t worried. And I wasn’t. It was stressful, but I know I always panic, call Craig hoping he has an easy fix and then things seem to naturally resolve themselves from that point on… and so I hoped would follow.

But then the boom of thunder and a few large drain drops sent us scurrying to our porch. The doggies eyed us from the glass door, so I assured them it was ok. I took a breath and from the corner of my eye noticed my kitchen window. Interesting… could I have missed this one? I know I checked the sliding door… but maybe, just maybe. This little window that I rarely ever use… could it be?!

Yes! It was unlocked! I wrangled off the screen, slid open the window, cleared the sink of all glass and sharp objects and sent Juliet in to “tame the wild dogs” (her quote) and allow us entry.

Now here is the part I don’t want to forget. Juliet saw God work today. As she celebrated and recapped my girl saw God’s wonderful care in the recent events. She told me how God made it rain for that moment (for the rain was over before we knew it and it was the only rain we saw all day) so we would go to the porch and remember that window. She then mentioned how she was scared about going into the sink and climbing down, but how God made her body strong from her practicing on the monkey bars so she was ok. As I called Craig to ease his mind, it sounded like a Baptist revival in the dining room with Juliet’s ,”Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!”

Love it. She is such a crazy, passionate soul. I’m so excited to see what God wants to do with her and pray that she never loses that excitement.


2 comments to “What Juliet Learned Today…”

  1. Denese

    Thank you both for sharing how God worked in your day!
    It was so awesome that God gave Juliet eyes to see that momentary rain opened the door of opportunity for you to see that open window. That made a precious memory of the occasion! And yay for Juliet bravely climbing through that window to get you all in! Gee, I pray that God gives us eyes to see Him at work all around us. So glad you shared!!! xoxo

  2. Daddy (a.k.a. Pops)


    I have experienced no greater success than watching you grow and live. Now, I get the added pleasure of watching you experience your greatest success as you watch your little ones grow and live. Yes, God is good, all the time!


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