I have been thinking a lot about “things” and how our lives are so centered around them. How we are bombarded by them. How we are told we need them to bring peace, to raise our children properly, to live.

I’ve noticed this for a while with Christmas and birthday- I’m a little shocked at some of the gifts I’ve seen offered forth by school pals at birthday parties. When I’ve declared there is nothing I need or want, people find that frustrating because they have to get something. At Christmas I strive to move away from gimicky, trendy toys and towards things that will stretch their minds and skills like arts n crafts and books.

With the baby coming, it became overwhelming to me (the hormones don’t help.) The moment I sign up for a baby site or order an item I am flooded with emails and mail about baby items. Many of which include a literal checklist of what you will need for baby.  I’ve been asked about if I have picked out nursery items and strollers yet, and while of course these things are on my mind, I’m happy to say they are not a priority.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like “things.” I enjoy a well made item and I delight in receiving gifts. Beautiful crafts and creations, items that stem from the imagination are pure inspiration to me. I love picking out treasures for my kids. My Pinterest page is littered with items that I find squeal worthy. But I don’t want my life, every milestone and occasion to be centered around them. Do you see?

This school year I made a conscious effort to step away from this American trend. I made a trip to the Salvation Army and bought a huge bag of fall clothes. I decided there would be no shopping for a First Day outfit, we had more than enough clothes to find something fabulous. We made a specific shopping trip for shoes and socks and desk supplies, and that was it. Our backpacks and lunchboxes from last year are still in great shape so we will use those for one more year. And do you know that we STILL have more than enough clothing?

Same in my pregnancy. I’m purchasing maternity items on an as needed basis. I’m choosing to specifically not buy based on “well, I might need this at one point.” I’d really like to see how God is going to provide with what I have to work with already. And with baby gear, I know I’ll hit a point with nesting where I am suddenly panicking because we don’t have any onesies, but until that point let’s keep it mellow *grin*

I think much of this stems from a continual theme God has been growing in my heart for a while. I’m created for something greater than this world. This world is not my home. HE is my home. All else falls away.

Stranger by Mandi Mapes

just another day in a beautiful town
where money makes the world go round
caught in a place
where no matter what I do I feel let down
’cause I keep chasing all these funny things
that don’t even matter in the end

this world is not my home
I am a stranger in this country
Jesus in me won’t You pour me out
I’m ready to abandon all my shiny things
my family, and this American dream,
Lord come take it all from me
until there’s nothing left but You

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  1. Denese

    Sounds like contentment to me <3 Good for you! xoxo


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