I cannot put my finger on it. Is it a vibe? Is it the love and care of the prep work? The personal details? The interaction of the family and friends?

I cannot figure out why some weddings are better than others. (in my little ol’ opinion) I’m finding it rarely has to do with the venue, the type of meal or the decorations (although last night’s wedding was gorgeous). It must be in the way the bridal party and family all interact, but then, the brideĀ  always surrounds herself with people who she has known for years, who love and care for her. On her wedding day she has people setting their own hair and make up aside to make sure she has every heart’s desire.

Sometimes there are children. Sometimes it’s mostly family, other times it’s young adult friends. Sometimes the gift table is piled high and sometimes only a few cards are in the basket. Sometimes the groom is attentive, stealing kisses and holding her hand. Other times they are on opposite ends of the room, visiting with out of town guests. Sometimes the couple is uncomfortable with public displays of affection and pictures are rough. Others times, it’s an escape to be together (with one annoying guest with a camera) in the middle of a crazy weekend. Sometimes he looks at her the way Mr. Darcy looks at Elizabeth. Sometimes he doesn’t.

Tis puzzling to me. And exhausted as I am, last night’s wedding was great. I’m excited to upload and edit (yes, edit!) the pictures and get them to the couple. I want them to be able to have those few minutes to sit and enjoy the day that their hard work produced.


Updated: 8pm

So I continued to think on this a bit more throughout the morning. I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that it has to do with the interaction I see between the bride and the groom. Possibly more specifically the groom. His attitude towards the guests and his bride. A spirit of gratitude and humility and joy seem to be key factors, from both the bride and groom, but perhaps having been the bride, I look for hints from the groom knowing he will be a good husband. That he truly treasures his new wife and is humbled by being her man. There is a light, an openness, in his eyes as he watches his bride that brings me back to my wedding day. I must be identifying with that. I am excited for her and what her life will hold with this man who obviously adores her.

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