The first two weeks are such a blur… but these are the moments and feelings I don’t ever want to forget:

The moment of birth- Pure exhaustion. Pure curiosity. Pure amazement. All is brand new and crazy and as that screaming (yes, screaming) son is placed on my chest, all I can do is look and breathe. To come to terms that the old chapter is officially over and the new has suddenly begun.

To hold the boy. To experience the heart wrenching and thrilling  realization that this moment is the smallest, most weak, most dependent he will ever be. That each day brings him closer to standing, walking, running on his own two feet.  To want this moment to remain forever, safe and small, curled up on my chest. And yet, eagerly wondering who this boy will be and wanting to know him.

To never have it be so easy to ignore dishes and laundry because of this complete, teeny being.

To want my daughters, my now seemingly huge girls, to be close and quiet with me and yet, struggling to accept they want to move and groove with all of their being.

Watching him laugh in his sleep and wondering what wonderful things must he know to laugh in his sleep. He’s so brand new. Must be a great secret. Or it could just be gas. But I don’t think so….

Seeing my husband all infatuated with his son makes me love my husband even more intensely. He is truly my better half.

Realizing that there are very few people for which I could tolerate being covered in pee, poo, breastmilk, spitup and sweat all at once. And never, ever did I think a hot shower could feel so incredible good.

Happy 2 weeks, baby boy! You are my smushy love bug.






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  1. Denese

    The pictures of Nate are so wonderful, T. The way you share your heart always warms mine. Each and every one of you is such a joy to me, to us…Love…to…you…

  2. julie

    So lovely. This really is what life is all about. Write this all down when you get a chance. You know all to well how fleeting this all is even as we sit and relish it. I am remembering you hugging my little man on the stairs out back. I am so grateful you got your little boy. :)


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