I’m so thankful for this upcoming weekend. Each year at the beginning of July the Gus Macker Basketball tournament invades our teeny little town.  It takes up a huge chunk of downtown. People come from all over. The whole community gets involved with sponsoring these 3 on 3 bball games.

And yes, I know… I know not. a. thing.  about basketball. I don’t even  go to the tournaments… ha!

This weekend marks the anniversary of when we opened our little coffee shop. 7 years ago now.

Now, I know. You say, “umm, T…  the shop closed 6 months later. You made no money. There were some really stressful circumstances around the whole thing…”

I can explain.

Seven years ago seems like a lifetime ago. Juliet was a toddler and Layla was a newbie. It was a hot, hot summer and we were living in a sardine can behind my folk’s house. I was coping with all that comes with a newbie and a toddler at once and Craig was having severe anxiety issues. Craig and Matt and my brother, Tom, put the whole shop together on their own. They were working insane hours with absolutely no money back. When the shop finally opened at the beginning of July, we were hopeful, but not confident.

There are few good memories surrounding the shop. I remember mostly it just being awkward. But when we closed at the end of the year, I think everyone breathed a  sigh of relief and had gained perspective.

From that small period of time relationships and careers were kindled. A marriage. Jobs. Friendships. Maturity. Salvation. I can sit here now and see the wonderful things that came out of our youth. I can even walk into our old store location (it’s a health food store now!) look at the paint and tile job  that the boys put so much care into, and smile. I couldn’t for years. I couldn’t even talk about it for it would just bring back the sad moments.

While my heart still twinges a bit with hurts, mostly it just swells with the wonderful things that have come. I can only sit here and think of them in my heart of hearts now. There are too many things to list. Too many blessings.

So now I wonder,  where do we go from here?

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