Day 4: What is enough? Are they getting enough? Am I enough?

As I looked over the record book of 5 hours of school, I tried to figure it out. How do I know if they’ve had a full day of education? What is a good balance? How could I possibly do more, because in all honesty I had nothing left. How do I step away from “busy work” and yet ensure they are filling their mind? Can’t I just do crafts and study artists and bake muffins… ok, I kid. Kinda…

Let me just stop now and say how amazing my mom is. She lets me ramble and figure things out. She tells me her experience and supports me in whatever decision I make for my family. She reminds me that we’re just getting started and I’m going to be fine. Sometimes I really need someone to tell me that everything is going to be fine. And she reminds me that “baby steps” are best.

Baby steps to Saxon Math…. Baby steps to English and creative writing… Baby steps to science and art and music…


I am transitioning and learning just like the girls and Nate. Of course I don’t have it all figured out. Never will either. Oh sure, we’ll get to a point where it’s more normal and we know what works, but life is always changing and I will need to be flexible.

Today I am thankful that HE is enough.

3 comments to “Baby Steps to Homeschooling…”

  1. Jessica Halpin

    You have 3 very blessed little kiddos. You’re a great mom! Praying for you and your girlies<3

  2. Deb de Oliveira

    You are on the right track. “one foot in front of the other…” ENJOY!! When you bake muffins, write the recipe out. Write a nutty story about muffins that models how to write. Draw pictures to go with the story. Make up a muffin song. See if there are any books about muffins in the library. Send a letter to Grandma with a copy of the stories you wrote… Of course the list goes on and on but yeh, do what you like to do and incorporate the basics of reading, writing and even sometimes math. Model for them first and then let them try. Math…well…yes I tend to stick to Saxon to make sure I cover the basics.

  3. Denese

    Your mom is so very wise!
    I love the adaptability of homeschooling to children’s learning styles and passions. I think you are going to be surprised at how much teaching them really winds up being a blessing to you personally, even beyond the scope of meeting the needs of the girls’ education. You love to learn, grow, explore… infusing them all with fun and joy…I am reminded about the quote that mentions those who spread joy can’t help getting some on themselves. I am excited about your journey…you all have such blessing ahead <3 xo


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