Just like any other school day, the bus drove down our road at 7:10 this morning. But today I had my oldest in bed, my middle pawing through earrings, my youngest on my hip and me still in my pajamas rooting through the cabinet for the ground coffee.

I didn’t have to rush them to eat something nutritious.

I didn’t have to cram a day of hugs into 10 minutes.

I could continue with the story and make them bagels and let them play with their brother while still in their pajamas.

No empty feeling in my heart until 3:00. No exhausted, cranky girls too tired to be little kids.

Today we are going food shopping and buying oil pastels to paint like Van Gogh. Math and English will be later.

Today God will be glorified and praised. We are going to sing songs and observe His creation.

So keep driving Big Yellow Schoolbus. We’ve got life to live!


3 comments to “Keep Driving, Big Yellow Schoolbus…”

  1. Jessica Halpin

    love this!! yay for a great day of learning AND fun mixed into every day activities.

  2. Denese

    You are doing it, T! Even more than that, you have already planted within your girls a love for learning, reading and doing new things…all things that will serve them their whole lives…and you have only just begun! Yay for You <3 xoxo P.S. I love that there is that time to focus on God together. Those were some of our most precious moments together when we homeschooled. Loved that time <3

  3. iva fay ventura

    I love what you are doing and providing for my sweet grandy girls!


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