Two small peeks into our morning for you. They are two moments that brought blessing and laughter to my mommy heart. Small victories.

Nate’s mid morning meal often seems to coincide with the start of school. This morning I was bouncing him on my hip while starting Layla’s math lesson so she could do her independent worksheet while I nursed. Julie was working on a fast fact quiz and I began running through story problems with Layla. The object of the lesson was to teach “some, some more” and “some, take some away” story problems… a simplistic way of introducing addition and subtraction word problems.

Have I mentioned that Math comes very easily to Layla? She was a bit insulted by the junior terminology, but as I was trying to keep a baby happy, I just went with the words and actions before me in the teacher’s manual.

I placed two pencils on the table. Then I placed 3 more on the table. “What did I do, Layla?”
“You added 3 pencils to your 2 pencils and now you have 5 pencils.”
“Good. Now, what type of story did I just tell with my actions?”
“A BORING story!”

I’m telling you… that girl is quick and quirky and I never know what she is going to say next.

Julie’s moment is a bit quieter, which is unusual for Julie, but huge step none the less in my mind.

One of my priorities in homeschooling is to have the girls read quality books. Classics. Not twaddle (I love that word. Thank you Charlotte Mason.) I think those books have their place, but when given the choice, my girls always go for the easier, more trendy read.

So as we started the school year, I googled some lists of quality reads and chose “The Secret Garden” as their first assignment. Golly, I love that book. I knew the girls would like it. Eventually… So much complaining from Juliet. The cover and title were not up to par with her coolness. But I persisted, determined to break the cycle of twaddle! So today I assigned Julie some quiet reading time as I nursed Nate. I didn’t give her a time frame or a chapter amount. I was curious to see what a couple of weeks had done. When I checked on her a while later, she had read 3 chapters! AND when she got to chapter 18, she was ASKING for time to read another chapter!

So of course, I said yes. But had to stop her at chapter 20 because we simply had to move on at that point. It was such progress though and I am excited to see her mind opening and hopefully, now when I recommend a book to her with a pretty cover decorated with roses, it won’t seem so offensive.

I am so thankful for these small moments… love notes from God. That we are right where we are supposed to be. It’s rarely ever easy, but it’s good!


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    Just loving the whole thing from afar!!!! Nannie<3


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