Twenty-five was a good birthday. Every year my birthday seems to find some small way to distinguish itself. Two years ago it was an UTI, lots of medication and a new pillow :o))  But this year it seems like it filled up the whole weekend, at some times indirectly, but it was still all things that make me exceedingly happy.

Friday was a quick school day and lots of errands and food shopping and such. There was a visit with a friend and Mario in the evening with the girls and Craig.

Saturday was quiet. The girls watched cartoons all morning allowing me some nice quiet time to surf the internet and enjoy coffee and omlets with hubby. In the evening my brother and bro&sis in law gathered at my parents house for some lasagna and chocolate cake (which seems to have mysteriously dissappeared, MATT!!!) and presents!!!

I love presents on my birthday. It is so thrilling to me and just makes it so much fun! But even more wonderful is getting gifts that are so tuned into things that you love and enjoy, the ones that truly hit the nail on the head. All of my gifts this year were that way. I don’t know if I’m easy to buy for or if I’ve actually managed to share myself with people in a way that they really know me. I hope its the latter =)

Sunday! Another quiet morning with some chili making and then off to Greenview Farms (home of Mr. and Mrs. Ives of Ives Cream in town) for a hayride and a lovely fall evening of food and doggies and campfires and autumnal foliage. It was just refreshing. The girls ran and ran, Craig and I chatted a small amount but mostly kept to ourselves and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

MONDAY! My Birthday! Craigy took off =)) He’s such a nice hubby. I told him sometime last week how I wish he could stay home on my birthday. I had no good reason but for wanting him around and he did!!! So I was awakened with presents of earrings and a curling iron and a vintagey apron and a handmade mood indicator from Juliet (one side is a happy face, one side sad. It’s my new warning sign to Craig when he comes home! hehe…) We then proceeded to get scrubbed down and dressed up and headed out to a movie (Igor, with the fabu voices of John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Sean Hayes and Steve Buscemi), Applebees and mosying around the mall!

Ok, enough rambling and coffee for me! Time to school the chillins! Back to reality….

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