10:14 PM, Wednesday. Currently sitting in the bedroom in front of the last of a long series of mindnumbing debates. My thoughts are not on the issues of the economy, energy and education.  The Roe v. Wade topic always gets me all ruffled up… and the ramblings include amusing terminology such as “cavalier activity” for casual sex and “Joe Plumber” for the average small business American…but no…

Tonight the great debate is between my mind and the philly cheesesteak wrap next to me. As I’ve started homeschooling and our schedule has become busier, I’ve dropped a few pounds over the past few weeks. And it’s quite lovely with the expetion that I always lose weight in my chest first. How much does that suck?!

Long story short, I started reaching for some of the smaller jeans that are tucked in the back of the closet. But there is just no hope of ever fitting into my pre-prego low rise jeans ever again. I just will never be shaped that way again. Even if I dropped 20 pounds, the proportions aren’t there. Time to get some Mom jeans.

2 comments to “Accepting the Inevitable”

  1. Denese

    omg!…by the way, it’s a small g and stands for goodness! That commercial was horrifying!!! Young women everywhere are gonna put off childbearing until they’re in their fifties! I hesitate to add that it wasn’t soooo very long ago that the jeans in the picture were in style…sort of. Levi’s jeans rock! Yeah baby…
    btw…Theresa, you are looking good! xoxo

  2. Myria

    Oh no! Mom Jeans!! ahhhhh!
    You do NOT need “Mom Jeans”. You look so good!
    I’m thinking about skipping mom jeans all together & going straight to the muumuu.
    Yeah muumuu’s!!:)


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