“Be at rest, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” Ps. 116:7 NIV

I love this verse. It’s become my motto or tag line I guess. My life verse. So often I sit and just worry about what’s to come or if I’ve made the right decisions. I bring myself to nausea over the stresses of children and finances. The power of God’s word in this verse brings everything back into perspective for me. He has proven himself faithful to me over and over again, why should I ever worry? Why should I ever let a thing of this world overwhelm my thoughts when He is the one with it all in the palm of his hand. Time and time again when my humanness is more consuming than I ever thought possible, his power is made perfect in my weakness when I claim this verse and speak it aloud as the truth of my life.

I know it’s only mid October, but I’m starting to think about next year and how Juliet will be in school next year and Layla may even be in Pre-K. I suddenly feel desperate, like I’m running out of time. Like there’s so much I haven’t shared with them yet. And of course, this just isn’t true, nor do I know the circumstances of next year. It may turn out that I’ll be homeschooling again. But babyhood is over. I guess I’m having a bit more trouble with that than I anticipated.

“Be still and know that He is God.”

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