Some days I am focused. Others I am extremely distractable. Today is one of those days. I set out to get the mail, I end up playing in the leaves and taking pictures. I start out to read one book and end up with another. I start dinner and end up putting my hair in rollers.  I try once again to cook dinner (I actually know what I’m making tonight!) and I end up blogging!

So there’s half a potato peeled, the oven in heated up and all I can think about is how this blog needs a picture of me in my rollers in the kitchen. So here we go….

Hmmm a little worn around the edges ;o)

So I predict later tonight I’ll set up to make a dent in the sewing basket but will end up playing tetris on the iPod while finishing Sabrina. Also I’ll go into J&L’s room with them for a clean up and end up reading 3 stories about bunnies while sitting in a pile of puzzles and stuffed puppies!

Oh and here is a picture of the B E A utiful flowers my darling hubby brought me yesterday. Notice the 7 blooms for 7 years. The boy doesn’t mess around!

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  1. Denese

    You are adorable!!! : )


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