Ah, Mondays.  I like them. I like normalcy and the feeling of having a whole week to accomplish things! The possiblities are endless. Ok well not endless, but they’re more optimistic!

Today I set out to do a little craft/hands on project with the girls. I had heard about making designs with shaving cream on the table from a number of places and it seemed like a good, new diversion for the girls as well as something simple for me to prepare and clean up. Or so I thought…

We started normal enough, as you can see from the gallery of photos below, but quickly ended up with fully painted girls from head to toe. Layla made herself into Santa Claus and Juliet was shaving.  Yeeeah, very few craft projects result in baths after 2 years of age but there was no avoiding this one!

After the bathing, lotioning, combing and dressing it was past lunch time and I apparantly hit a real winner today with what I like to call PB&J Sammie Stackers on a Stick (a good idea from the Mom’s group!). Juliet was so impressed she just kept asking, “How did you think of this, Mom?!” Like she had no idea that I could ever be so innovative! It’s really incredible how the same exact food they always eat in a different shape can make a meal FANTASTIC!

2 comments to “Shaving Cream and Sammie Stackers”

  1. Denese

    You are making such wonderful memories T! And what fun for you too! There is something so wonderful about watching children discover. The thrill and wonder on their faces is like food (more like chocolate) to a soul. xoxo

  2. Myria

    Your girls are just too cute for words. & the shaving cream was such a great idea! I remember doing that when I was little, but totally would not have thought to do it now. haha. That’ll be another thing I add to the list of things to do with Brianna when she stops putting everything in her mouth!:) Oh, & I’m glad the girls like the sammich on a stick idea. I’ve considered doing that here… have to get some sammich meats though. Good job mama!:) See ya soon.


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