Alright, so I was having quite a bit of trouble getting going this morning, so while chatting with my buddy, Julie G, she came up with the idea that Tuesdays shall now be known as Shake It Like a Polaroid Day. Basically, there is no sitting down doing nothing. If you are IMing at the computer, it shall accompany squats and leg lifts. Making the bed will involve lots of arm lifts and stretches. There is no walking, only power walking or dancing!

Well, the first 10 minutes went great. Felt awesome! Then the kids finished breakfast and I just started to feel sooooo grumpy. I wanted to put my attention into shaking it! Not carrying around a 2 year old and refereeing a dog and a 3 year old. Coffee grounds spilled, binkies swiped, muscles pulled…

I’m trying Julie! I really am! Why aren’t those endorphins produced immediately!? Shake it like a polaroid, Sista Momma!

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