small Julie.jpgSo, the other day, I finally got some assurance that the things I say to my children, really do sink in a bit.

A few days ago Juliet was having some fun with Uncle Matt. They go back and forth with chit chat and one of her favorite games is when Matt tries to eat her belly.

So, Matt comes into the dining room in the middle of some peanut butter sandwiches and tells her, “I’m gonna eat your belly!” to which Juliet replied, “No! I need my belly to eat!”

Matt says back, “Ok, then I’m going to eat your nose!”

A decisive, “no!” comes out of Juliet. To which Matt inquires, “because you need your nose to smell??”

“Oh, yes!”

So they went back and forth for a moment with various body parts and their functions until finally Matt got to, “I’m going eat your face!” “No!” “Because you need it look pretty???”

Then my darling 3 year old stated back, “Oh no, Uncle Matt. I don’t need my face to be pretty. I need my heart to be pretty!”

Well, needless to say we were both quite surprised at such an answer coming from a 3 year old, but it may have been my proudest moment yet! Like a typical little girl, Julie is all about the dressing up and looking fancy. Lots of times she tells me that she needs her hat and purse to look pretty or her princess dress on so she can look beautiful. Each time I’ve been telling her about how it isn’t what you’re wearing that makes you beautiful, it’s what’s in your heart.

Yay! Someone is listening!

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